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Membership Types
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There are different types of individual membership allowing you to choose which best fits your needs. Public sector employees may select from Full or Associate member categories, based on their individual requirements.

  • Member (Full)
        (renewal - $10 discount if renewed prior to expiry)
    Members are employed by, retired from, or a volunteer or a contractor of a governmental entity having responsibility for Public Safety and who does not have a commercial interest as described in the definition for a Commercial Member. Such members of the Association are entitled to attend all general meetings, to speak to any question and to have one vote. A Member is eligible to stand for election to office, serve on committees, to receive all general correspondence and to examine the records and books of the Association.
  • Student Member (Associate)
    $ 0.00 - NO CHARGE**
    Student Members are those persons enrolled in a course of studies at a post-secondary institution.  Student Members have all the privileges of Full Members except they are not entitled to vote or hold office.  Student Memberships follow a typical school year and renew in September.

** subject to approval by the Board Of Directors or designate upon proof of student status

    • Commercial Member (Associate)
          (renewal - $10 discount if renewed prior to expiry)
      Persons connected with industry providing communications and information technology systems or providing services as consultants in this field.  Commercial Members have all the privileges of Full Members except they are not entitled to vote or hold office.  

    a 3% Service Fee is charged on all transactions to cover the cost of payment processing.  This fee is charged on the full membership amount prior to any renewal discounts being applied.

    NOTE:  Group buying options are available for each membership type.  This allows the purchase of 5 or 10 memberships at a 20% discount off the regular price.  Schools may register groups of 25 at a time.  Your organization will have online administration privileges for memberships purchased in this way.  Please contact APCO Canada if you have any questions or would like to inquire about purchasing memberships in other quantities. 


    • Life Member (Full)
      Appointed Only
      Any Member who has served the Association with honour and distinction may be made a Life Member upon election by a majority of the votes cast at an Annual General Meeting. A Life Member of the Association shall have been a Member in good standing of the Association for a minimum period of ten (10) years at the time of their consideration.  Notwithstanding their number of service years, a member in good standing vacating the office of President of the Association shall automatically become a Life Member.  

    Life Members have all the privileges of Full Members. A Life Member with a direct commercial interest will have the same privileges as a Commercial Member.

    • Honourary Member (Associate)
      Appointed Only
      In the interest of promoting the Association, Honourary Membership is extended to persons in public office whose primary responsibility is public safety. These include, but are not limited to:
      • The Federal Minister of Public Safety and any other minister of the federal government whose ministry has public safety responsibilities, and,
      • the ministers of the provincial governments who have responsibility for public safety in their respective provinces, and,
      • the executive members of the national organizations representing police chiefs, fire chiefs and EMS chief officers in Canada.

    Honourary Members have all the privileges of Full Members except they are not entitled to vote or hold office.