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Long Range Strategic Plan
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APCO Canada's annual conference and membership are the cornerstones ensuring APCO Canada can fulfill it's vision and mission.  Without either of these, APCO Canada would struggle.

The tools APCO Canada uses to carry out their work require advocacy, partnership, and education.  These are the pillars of APCO Canada's strategic plan.

Through maintaining our critical partnerships, APCO Canada will continue to be the voice of Public Safety Communications in Canada and will continue to work for our membership.

Specifically in the next 12 months APCO Canada will continue to:

  • Assert APCO Canada’s leadership role in public safety communications.
  • Enrich communications and outreach.
  • Ensure APCO Canada’s financial viability.
  • Foster effective use of public safety spectrum and technologies.
  • Ensure APCO Canada’s growth and development.


Long Term Goals + Strategies

  1. Assert APCO Canada’s leadership role in public safety communications.
    1. Effectively advocating before all levels of government.
      1. Federal (CRTC, Industry Canada), Provincial (Manitoba Office of the Fire Commissioner, ABC911, Ontario Police College, AEMA)
    2. Serving as a resource to policymakers at all levels.
      1. Industry Canada (RABC), CRTC, Alberta E911 Advisory Association (AEAA), Alberta Emergency Management Association (AEMA)
    3. Driving the development of standards for public safety communications.
      1. Standards Document (White Paper), NG911 governance participation
    4. Facilitating partnerships with key stakeholders.
      1. NENA, CITIG, RABC, APCO Int`l, PTIG,
    5. Being the public-safety communications organization of choice.

  2. Enrich communications and outreach.
    1. Establishing professional networks to identify and advance public-safety communications solutions.
    2. Positioning APCO Canada as an indispensable resource.
    3. Convening and networking with stakeholders to resolve critical issues.
      1. ETF, NG911 Coalition of the Willing, CTIG/NPSTC (Cross Border Interoperability), Industry Canada, CRTC
    4. Demonstrating APCO Canada’s value to new and existing audiences.
      1. Wavelength, Social Media, Vendors, Sponsoring other events, Industry recognition

  3. Ensure APCO Canada’s financial viability.
    1. Prioritizing resources to remain effective and adaptive.
      1. Examined spending choices based on the ROI
    2. Exercising prudent fiscal management.
      1. Grants as other sources of project resource, Partnering on events (NENA, iCERT, APCO International, APCO Institute, Ultimate 911)
    3. Identifying cut-off points for initiatives no longer meeting expectations.
    4. Diligently seeking grant revenues to support our goals.

  4. Foster effective use of public safety spectrum and technologies.
    1. Advocating for the allocation and coordination of spectrum.
      1. Industry Canada (700MHz Spectrum Allocation), Radio Advisory Board of Canada - RABC (MURS – Multi-use Radio Service)
    2. Partnering with industry to influence the direction of next generation communication solutions.
      1. iCERT, OnStar/SiriusXM (telematics)
    3. Partnering with other associations, organizations and governmental agencies to influence the direction of existing and future communication solutions.
      1. NENA, CRTC, CITIC, APCO etc…, University of Melbourne,

  5. Ensure APCO Canada’s growth and development.
    1. Recruiting and mentoring emerging leaders.
    2. Enhancing member engagement and retention.
      1. Social Media, Wavelength, Membership Incentives, APCO Institute, Conference, CE Credits
    3. Developing relationships with other associations.
      1. Engaged Manitoba Office of the Fire Commissioner & Ontario Fire Marshals (for training and standards)