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Canadian PSAP Census - Survey

APCO Canada in partnership with Memorial University of NewFoundland and Wilfred Laurier University are working to create a contact list for PSAPs across Canada

Rather than simply duplicating the PSAP Registry (which is limited to Primary PSAPs and includes emergency contact information), this list will include non-emerg PSAP demographics (e.g. name and city of the PSAP, number and function of staff, non-emerg contact information for the agency, etc...).  We would prefer to have information that is publicly available.  Do not worry if you don't have all the information requested for a PSAP - the only fields that are mandatory are the PSAP name and city.  This information will not be sold to a 3rd party and will be kept in Canada.

Once all data has been collected, APCO Canada and its partners will use this list to understand better the number of Public Safety Emergency Communications staff working in Canada and how to build research to improve the physical and mental health conditions we work under.  Public Safety Communicators in Canada have been left on their own for too long.  We need to have our voices heard at the highest levels.

We encourage you to fill out this survey for any/all PSAPs you have knowledge of to help build the list out.  You may fill it out multiple times - once for each PSAP you want to add.  We will cross reference the list items to create a complete master for all of Canada.

Thanks for taking the time to help us gather this data.


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